What Erin Andrews Can’t Live Without (2024)

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By Erin Andrews As told to Kitty Guo

What Erin Andrews Can’t Live Without (1)

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but thehair sprayand theelectric toothbrush. We asked sportscaster and television personality Erin Andrews — who recently became an ambassador for foot-care brand Dr. Scholl’sahead of a certain big football game — about the socklike slippers she gave as Christmas gifts, the hydrating eye patches she uses to look well rested, and the travel pillow she has repurchased multiple times.

My mom really got me into Bombas socks, and they became a stocking-stuffer favorite. Then for Christmas, I ended up getting everybody these little slippers. They have a great grip to them. I just throw them in my suitcase and wear them around the hotel or in my bed — even downstairs when you need to go to the lobby and grab a coffee and you don’t want put your shoes on, you don’t have to touch the gross hotel floor. I’ve got them in pink, green, and blue. The pink doesn’t show the golden-retriever dog hair; the blue definitely does. But at this point, I’m just lucky if I get two matching ones.

These eye masks are my favorite. I find them to be so hydrating. I just throw them into the mini-bar when I’m at the hotel or into my fridge when I’m at home. I’ll put them on about an hour before I have to go out on the football field and see you guys on-camera or before I meet my husband out for dinner. They just help make you look like you actually slept.

I try to take some collagen powder every single day, and it helps with my skin, my hair, my nails. Anything I can do to help myself in the collagen world with my face, I’ll take it. It’s unflavored and super-easy to take. I just do one scoop in my coffee, but you could put it in a smoothie or wherever else you put your protein powder. I’ve never looked younger.

Khaite has the most beautiful cardigans, but I’m obsessed with its cashmere sweaters. They’re so fabulous and luxurious. I love wearing them on-camera. Anytime I wear them, people are always like, “Whoa, I love this.” It makes me feel fashionable. It makes me feel like a cool girl. It makes me feel really, really — here comes the word — elevated.

A lot of people don’t realize I have to do my own hair on the road. My makeup artist introduced me to this stick, and it is amazing. So now when I do my sit-downs or my first shoot, I just take it and apply it and it helps mat down my flyaways and get them to stick. It’s about the size of a jumbo lipstick, so it’s easy to keep with you and throw in your purse.

I can’t do hotel pillows. I don’t feel like they have enough support. I usually get a neck ache or headache and I can’t sleep. These have a divot for your head, and they’re so supportive. They hold your neck and head properly and you feel like you get a great night’s sleep. You can roll it up and put it into a little cylinder holder, like a travel pouch. You’re supposed to put it in your carry-on, but I’ll be honest — I’ll carry them around outside my suitcase and then leave them in the car or on the plane. I tend to leave them everywhere I go, but that’s fine because you can just get another one on Amazon or freak out and call the hotel and ask them to send it to you.

I’m very breath conscious — I get a little paranoid. Also I’m conscious about teeth whitening because I love to pound a coffee or red wine. Well, not pound red wine, but you get me. These are so easy. You can just throw ’em in your purse, throw ’em in your backpack, throw ’em in your bag. Clean your teeth wherever you are, and you’re good to go.

I’m a pretty neutral kind of gal. I’m not adventurous with my makeup at all. Somebody says “red lip” and I start to panic. The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk line is one of my favorites. I like anything in the color: the gloss, the lipstick, the eye-shadow palette. I feel like the color just works really well for day and night and when I’m on the field.

This past year, my clothing line came out with this puffer jacket I’ve been wearing all the time. It’s got the perfect amount of down for warmth and cushioning. You can get it in all the different teams, whether the NFL, MLB, hockey. It’s got the team name, but it’s very subtle, and it’s got a cute little decal on it. It’s great for travel or running around town. It’s perfect if you want to cheer on your team but look fashionable at the same time. I have the NFL jacket because I have to stay unbiased. But for the NHL, I rep the Los Angeles Kings for my husband.

When I’m doing a football game or the “big game” that’s coming up in Arizona, I’m on my feet nonstop. The game is usually four to five hours long, but we show up about three to four hours before. So it’s a long, long day — it’s like seven hours on your feet. And if you’re on your feet and they don’t feel good, you are miserable. So these Dr. Scholl’s Prevent Pain insoles are fantastic. You can slip them into your shoes and they make you feel like you’re not just walking on your regular insoles. They add some cushion and protection, and they help with lower-back and knee pain. That’s so ideal for me when I’m running around. You just don’t feel like the weight of the world is on your feet.

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What Erin Andrews Can’t Live Without
What Erin Andrews Can’t Live Without (2024)
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