Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (2024)

Are you getting the annoying key system error warning light on the Nissan dashboard? Don’t let it throw you off. I’ll explore what it means and how you can clear it. The warning light can signal a serious issue, so it’s best to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible.

With this in mind, I’ll go into the details of the different reasons why you’re getting the key indicator warning light. By the end, you’ll understand how to handle every message and prevent it from coming back.

Here we go.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What Does The Key System Error Warning Light Mean On My Nissan Car?
  • 2 How To Fix The Key System Error On Nissan
  • 3 FAQs
  • 4 Conclusion

What Does The Key System Error Warning Light Mean On My Nissan Car?

The key system error light on Nissan vehicles displays one of these messages below.

Key Battery Low

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (1)

You’ll get a Key Battery Low warning light when it’s time to replace the key fob‘s battery. To this end, you should change the intelligent key’s battery with the new one.

No Key Detected

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (2)

This warning tells you that you’ve left the intelligent key outside your vehicle, but the ignition switch is in the ON or ACC position. It also appears when the key fob battery is dead.

Key ID Incorrect

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (3)

This light illuminates when the ignition switch is in the OFF position with the intelligent key present, but the system does not recognize it. Therefore, you cannot start the engine because Nissan’s electronic module cannot read an unregistered intelligent key.

I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (4)

The other message concerning the key system error on Nissan is I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual. This warning tells you there’s a problem with the intelligent key system. Usually, this light comes on when you push the ignition switch to the ON position and lasts for about two seconds.

If this light appears as the engine is running, you can continue to drive your vehicle. Nevertheless, it would help if you had it checked out by an authorized Nissan dealer as soon as possible. Yet, once it appears when the vehicle is stopped, the engine will likely not start.

How To Fix The Key System Error On Nissan

Key Battery Low

As I’ve mentioned, the battery on the key’s fob needs replacing when you get the Key Battery Low warning message. Luckily, this message shows up before the battery dies, so you’ll not be without the keyless remote function. Thus, you can still start your vehicle and lock and unlock windows and doors.

Fortunately, changing the key fob’s battery is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is ensure you get the exact battery for your keyless remote and install it properly.

What you need

  • Recommended battery: CR2032 or equivalent
  • Small flathead screwdriver

How to replace the key fob battery on Nissan

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (5)

Step #1: Flip the key fob over, find the small switch on the back and push it down to remove the physical key from the key head.

Step #2: Insert a small flathead screwdriver (A) into the slit (B) to separate the front and back cases. Use a cloth to protect the casing.

Step #3: The slots will open to reveal a small battery that you’ll again have to push out with the flathead screwdriver. Replace the battery with the new one.

Step #4: Pop the new battery in, close the two cases (C and D), and put the mechanical key back. Operate the buttons and check the operation.

No Key Detected

Since this error appears when you leave the key fob outside the vehicle, it’s good practice to have it with you when operating the car.

However, in case you bring the key, but the warning still appears, a low battery may be the cause. Replace it as I’ve outlined in the steps above.

Key ID Incorrect

If you have yet to program your intelligent key, you’ll get the Key ID Incorrect message.

Here’s how to go about programming the Nissan intelligent key.

  • Get in the driver’s seat of your Nissan with the key, and lock all the doors.
  • Place the key into the ignition but not start the vehicle, then remove the key. You should do this about six times until the car accepts the key. The hazard lights should flash twice when the car accepts the key. Your vehicle will enter into program mode at this point.
  • Insert the key back into the ignition and turn it without starting the car. This will activate the electronics.
  • Press any button on the Intelligent Key immediately. You need to do this quickly and effectively.
  • It’s time to test out the key. Get out of the vehicle and stand farther away. Press the buttons on the key. The lights should flash, or the horn will beep once to tell you the programming was successful.
  • Now, test the key close to the car. This is done by walking up to your Nissan and opening the door. It should open without pressing any button on the Nissan intelligent key.

Nonetheless, this warning can also result from a damaged key fob. If this is the case, go ahead and replace it. Nissan allows registering of up to four intelligent keys for your vehicle. However, you’ll need to talk to a Nissan dealer before purchasing any additional keys.

If you lose your Intelligent Key or it’s stolen, it’s best to Erase its ID code from the vehicle as a precaution against unauthorized key use. Again, ask the Nissan dealer for help.

Lastly, if you’re getting the Key ID Incorrect message because of a low or dead fob battery, this error will be fixed by replacing the battery.

I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual

Most drivers get the I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual for the following reasons.

Interference From Other Radio Waves

The Nissan intelligent key always transmits weak radio waves to communicate with the vehicle. These radio waves can be interfered with if you’re operating the key near a power station, TV tower, or broadcasting station.

In addition, your phone, transceiver, or a CB radio can interfere with its signals and prevent the vehicle from receiving the radio waves. Other interference causes include electronic appliances such as computers, contact with metallic objects, and proximity to radio wave remote control.

Contact With Salt Water And Water

The electrical components in the intelligent key system can easily get damaged if the key gets into contact with salt water or plain water.

Physical Damage

If you tend to drop the intelligent key, it can get damaged over time. Additionally, striking it sharply against another object can cause physical damage. Finally, your key fob will likely get damaged if you try to modify it.

Extreme Temperature

Exposure to temperatures above 140°F can also cause a faulty intelligent key. This is because heat shortens the lifespan of the electrical components in the key.

How To Prevent:

  • Always have the key fob with you when driving your Nissan.
  • Watch for radio wave interferences and correct them as necessary.
  • Wipe the intelligent key until it dries entirely immediately after it becomes wet.
  • Replace the key fob’s battery every two years. Nevertheless, this time interval can be shorter if you leave the key near equipment that can cause radio wave interferences. These are personal computers, TV tower signals, audio equipment, etc.
  • Keep the intelligent key in temperatures not exceeding 140°F to prevent overheating problems.


What Does The Car With Key Light Mean On Nissan?

This is the security indicator light. It flashes when the ignition switch is ON, ACC, or LOCK. Typically, it indicates that Nissan’s Immobilizer System is working correctly. However, if the light stays on with the ignition switch in the ON position, the Nissan’s Immobilizer System is malfunctioning.

You will need to see a Nissan dealer immediately when the light remains on, or the engine does not start. Ensure that you bring all your Nissan’s registered keys during the service.

How Do You Start A Car With A Dead Key Fob?

Well, this is a simple undertaking. Place the foot on the brake and put the front part of the key fob on the start button, push down and hold. The car should start immediately.

Why Is My Key Fob Not Working After Changing The Battery?

The most likely reason is a damaged key fob electric circuit. In this case, you’ll need to have it checked by an expert who can troubleshoot the problem. However, there could be other reasons your key fob is not working after a battery change. They include worn buttons, so you will need to replace the key fob. Again, it will need to be replaced if the key fob has sustained damage due to water, scratches, or impact.


Understanding the reasons behind the key system error on the Nissan instrument’s cluster will help you take the necessary steps to resolve it. I’ve covered every possible cause for this warning. Hence, if you’re experiencing this problem, you can fix it without further action.

Good luck!

Greetings, Nissan enthusiasts! As a seasoned automotive expert with a deep understanding of Nissan's intricate systems, I'm here to dissect the intricacies of the key system error warning light on your Nissan dashboard. My knowledge is not just theoretical; I've hands-on experience with Nissan vehicles, and my expertise extends to their electronic systems and troubleshooting methods.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts discussed in the article about the key system error on Nissan:

1. Key System Error Warning Light Meanings:

a. Key Battery Low:

  • Indicates the need to replace the key fob's battery (CR2032 or equivalent).
  • Replacement is straightforward, involving a small flathead screwdriver to access and change the battery.

    b. No Key Detected:

  • Warns when the intelligent key is left outside the vehicle while the ignition is ON or ACC.
  • May also occur if the key fob battery is dead.
  • If the warning persists with the key present, a low battery may be the cause, necessitating replacement.

    c. Key ID Incorrect:

  • Illuminates when the ignition is OFF with the intelligent key present, but the system doesn't recognize it.
  • Programming the key is crucial for resolution, involving a specific sequence of inserting and removing the key.

    d. I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual:

  • Alerts about a broader issue with the intelligent key system.
  • Requires attention if it appears while the vehicle is stopped, as the engine might not start.

2. How to Fix Key System Errors:

a. Key Battery Low:

  • Replace the key fob battery before it dies completely.
  • Detailed steps involve flipping the key fob, using a small flathead screwdriver to access and change the battery.

    b. No Key Detected:

  • Ensure the key is with you when operating the car.
  • If the warning persists, replace the key fob battery.

    c. Key ID Incorrect:

  • Program the intelligent key by inserting and removing it in a specific sequence.
  • Replacement may be necessary if the key fob is damaged.

    d. I-Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual:

  • Investigate potential causes such as radio wave interference, water exposure, physical damage, or extreme temperatures.
  • Preventive measures include keeping the key with you, avoiding interference, and maintaining the key's condition.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

a. Car With Key Light on Nissan:

  • Explains the security indicator light, signaling the proper functioning of Nissan’s Immobilizer System.
  • Persistent illumination or engine non-start requires immediate attention from a Nissan dealer.

    b. Starting a Car With a Dead Key Fob:

  • Describes a simple process involving placing the key fob on the start button while pressing down.

    c. Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change:

  • Suggests troubleshooting for a damaged electric circuit or other potential issues like worn buttons.

4. Conclusion:

  • Understanding the key system error's root causes empowers users to take corrective actions promptly.
  • The article comprehensively covers every potential issue and provides actionable steps for resolution.
  • Encourages users to address key system errors proactively to ensure a seamless driving experience.

In closing, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently tackle the key system error on your Nissan, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free driving experience. Good luck!

Nissan Key System Error Warning Light (2024)
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